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Global anti-epidemic awareness has historically emerged due to the new Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), leading to a rapid increase in the demand for anti-epidemic materials. In addition to personal protection and epidemic prevention, public places also need to be regularly sterilized and disinfected, to improve the safety of public health. Doing a good job in epidemic prevention and avoiding the spread of epidemic is an important requirement for companies and enterprises.

CS light self-cleaning nano liq was successfully developed by the research team of Hong Kong local university’s professor after many years of experiments. It is water-based, multi-functional, safe and harmless, environmentally friendly, suitable for home and public use.

Holds many patents and innovative international invention awards Passed the testing and certification of many high-quality laboratories around the world

Achievements of Hong Kong local university and technology startup company’s joint R&D

CS self-cleaning Ltd uses the latest nanotechnology Light anti-bacterial, self-cleaning and far-infrared nanocomposites

Historical highest awareness of global epidemic prevention

Global outbreak of new coronavirus (COVID-19) Worldwide public health awareness increased significantly